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Aqua Chemicals came into existence in the year 1993, when a bunch of talented & professional engineers came together to deliver niche quality chemicals to small & medium sized chemical consumers. On a mission to provide quality products & services, these young entrepreneurs left no stone unturned to LIVE their dream of manufacturing "ECO-FRIENDLY ECONOMICAL CHEMICALS".

With the passage of time, the size & spectrum of this company's operations increased multiple levels, reflecting their excellence in the Industry, along with the trust bestowed by their consumers on the products & services coming from the stable of AQUA-CHEMICALS.

Unlike other players, Aqua Chemicals didn't restricted themselves only to the commercial activities; but they also became one of the First Movers in Indian History* to establish the practice of eco-friendly manufacturing processes of water chemicals & environmental protection thereon.

Complete range of water treatment chemicals, R.O. Chemicals Pretreatment/Post Treatment/ Anti Scalant and Cleaning agents, Poly Electrolyte Chemicals, Complete range of non woven needle punch fabric.



High TDS Reducing RO Plant
Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System
Industrial RO Water Treatment Plant
Boiler Water Treatment Chemical Hydrochem
Cooling Water Treatment Chemical
Aqua Nanozyme
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